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Misty Mountains

Brooklynne's Story

Administrative Assistant

I personally have struggled with my mental health and navigating the courage to understand it. As an administrative assistant, I am passionate about providing a warm and accepting environment to every client I have the privilege of interacting with. I am grateful to be able to start helping others find themselves through their mental health journey. This, in a way, helps guide me through my personal journey of mental health as well. 


I have always aspired to help others and make a difference, my position at Heartland has allowed me to experience that and get closer to my future career goals. As a young mom I want to make my daughter proud, Heartland and its family have given me that opportunity. 


When I am not at Heartland Psychology you can find me spending time with my fiance and my daughter, working toward my general degree, and walking my husky at the park. 

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